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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 2016

May was busy with beginning to get ready for summer! It was beautiful weather and we even made it to the beach a few times!

Sara and Colin visited the last week of May. The kids were loving getting some beach time in. 

Uncle Colin with Wyatt and Ty

May meant more frequent stops to Fuzzy Peach. Bennett had his first bite of frozen yogurt. This was his response..... I think it was a hit :) 

For about 6 weeks, Bennett had an obsession with sneaking into the laundry room and taking all of Maggie's food and putting it in her water bowl.  This is how I found him after turning my back for a minute. Little stinker.

May meant swim lessons!

Ty had a class trip to the zoo 

 We finished up t-ball season! Last season!

Addi had her last day of preschool (3 school). When did she get so big!?

 Her teachers... .Mrs. Devries (Miss Vries as Addi said) and Miss Emily

We ended the month with one more day at the beach. Ty enjoyed throwing himself down the big hill of sand.... 

We are ready for summer!

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