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Monday, November 30, 2015

Zeeland West Football State Finals

 Zeeland West worked hard and made it to the State Finals at Ford Field the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Ty had gone with me the last time they had made it, so he was super excited to be going again.  He remembered a lot from last time, and couldn't wait to show Addi everything.  The semi-final was a bitter-cold game, too cold for Bennett, so I stayed home. I had been following along online and had seen that they won.  However, I was no where near as excited as Ty when he stormed in through the door after the day yelling, "Mom, we are going to DETROIT! We did it! We did it! We are going to Detroit!".  Later that night Nate told me that when Ty ran to him down on the field the first thing he had said was, "Dad, we did it! I can't wait to tell mom we are going to Detroit"!  This dude was pumped!

The kids checking out the view from our hotel room!

Not only was the game exciting but Ty was non stop talking about getting to ride the people mover again!

At the game!

They did it!

We had a lot of fun and the kids did SO well! The above picture was taken probably just before midnight at the "after pizza party", and then we headed up and they were asleep around 12:30am.  I thought they'd be a train wreck but they slept in and we were ready to go the next morning! 

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