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Monday, September 14, 2015

School Time!

It was a big year for Ty and Addi!  Ty entered Kindergarten and Addi was going to preschool! 

First up was Back to School Night for Ty.  They pick us up at the bus stop so the kids can experience the bus and then they get to meet their teacher and classmates while the parents have their own meeting. 
Ty was SO excited to go! :)

First time riding the school bus!

Here we go!

Next up was preschool orientation night.  After hearing how excited Ty was to see his school, Addi was just as excited to get to see hers! Off to the ECC to meet her teacher and see her classroom!
She was very excited to have her own locker, and that she got the pink elephant one :)

She was even more excited to see they had a doll house!

Addi and her teacher Mrs. Devries

 Finally, the big day came! First day of school!!

Aunt Kara walked him to the bus on day 1 :)

A couple days later was Addi's first day! We didn't have time to get one of her fully dressed, but nothing cuter than this sweetie her jammies and bedhead! 

I normally don't get to walk Ty to the bus stop as I have to leave before it comes. However, one day I had a conference and had the chance to see him off to school.  Love my big guy!

Friday, September 11, 2015


Apple Picking in September :) 

Watching daddy coaching!