Back Ground

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


We enjoyed another great week in Canada this year! The kids had a blast and Bennett seemed to love the fresh Canadian air as he started sleeping much longer stretches at night!

Had to include this.... Addi loves to have Bennett lay down with her when she is getting ready for bed! She loves being a big sister!

Happy boy on the drive up!

Loving from Aunt DeeDee

While Nate and Uncle Tom fished, we enjoyed some swimming with the kids!

Bennett hanging out with me on the dock while the kids swam!

Cleaning all the fish

Nate's first pike!

This is how Ty and Addi rode the boat every single time! Melts my heart!

Buddies :)

Sorry Bennett about the pink life jacket!  Bennett hung in the bouncer while we fished with Ty and Addi!

Uncle Tom and Aunt DeeDee watched the kids one afternoon so we could go on a little "date" for our anniversary!

I even caught some keepers!

Ty was excited to see what we brought back
As always, we did our Candy Rock Mountain hike

Nate and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in Canada!
More swimming!

Can't wait for Canada 2016!

Monday, July 13, 2015

South Carolina

South Carolina was one of the highlights of last summer so we were looking forward to another 10 days with Colin and Sara this summer!  We had lots of fun things planned and we were ready to spend time with two of our favorite people!

First up, train museum for Ty :) 

Train ride!

Kisses from Aunt Sara

Ty checking out the trains

Rogue checking Bennett out. She was really wherever Bennett was in the house!
Another highlight from that week was renting a pontoon boat one day.  It was beautiful weather and the kids had a blast. This is a definite must again for next time!

haha Bennett in Addi's old lifejacket - we couldn't find the blue one.... sorry Bennett!

Swimming in the water!

Aunt Sara bought water guns to play with in the water!

Ty's first time tubing!

Addi wasn't so sure but she did pretty well!

We ended up going to Hi-Wire twice while we were there. Once just with the kids on a day Colin and Sara had to work, and then the kids begged to go again, so we went the next morning so Colin and Sara could come with us!
So many trampolines!!

I learned my back can't handle trampolines after one bounce, so I hung with Bennett :) 
Even more fun than the trampolines was the foam pits!

 Back at home it was relaxing, and working on a few fun projects!

One day, Sara's mom and sister were nice enough to watch the three kiddos and the adults went to CaroWinds Amusement park.  We splurged and got fast passes. Within 15 minutes we had gone on the biggest roller coaster there and after we had to take a break as we either felt like we were going to throw up or pass out. haha

Another morning it was checking out the park while Sara and Colin worked!

We made sure to stop in and check out the police station where Aunt Sara works!
Ty checking out a cop car

They got to get their fingerprints!

Addi's turn!
 I wish I would have gotten some more pictures but this is all I have to document the 4th of July!  Happy 4th!

Last but not least a cute relaxing shot of Sara and Bennett :) 
We can't wait to go back :)