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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bennett Asher VandeGuchte

Bennett had to follow his brother and sister and make his debut before I could hit 39 weeks! Sunday, April 26 (38 weeks 6 days), my water broke around 2:00 while taking a nap. Let's just say, WOW, did it ever break!  I was REALLY happy I was at home while it broke and not at school, it wouldn't have been pretty. haha. I wasn't having any contractions but based on my delivery with Addi, I knew I wanted to still think about getting to the hospital sooner rather than later.  Called the on-call OB, called Kara and Drew to come to watch the kids, and then started gathering the rest of our stuff for baby boy's arrival.
Took this before we headed to the hospital!

Still no contractions (that I could feel) when we arrived at the hospital, but my water kept gushing, and even gushed as I walked into ER. Thank goodness we brought towels, so I waddled into ER with a towel wrapped around me, just a little embarrassing.... We got checked in, and when they checked me at 3:30pm I was only 4cm and still I wasn't feeling any major contractions.  I was a little nervous that this could be a lot longer than Addi and Ty's labor. The nurse said it's time to walk and see if we could get the contractions moving. My mom had arrived, and since I wasn't in any pain, Nate got to work on sub plans for the following days and my mom and I started walking the halls. It only took about 15 minutes and I began to feel contractions around 3:45. I kept walking and stopping for each contraction. At 4:43pm the nurse checked me and I was at 7cm. I was really happy I had progressed because the contractions were getting pretty intense. Apparently at this point, I thought it'd be fun to get a "cute" picture of Nate being my coach and what not.  What in the world was I thinking? Obviously I was in a delusional state. With my water continuing to basically gush with each contraction, I kept feeling like I needed to use the restroom.  Nate helped me to the bathroom, and then went to grab my mom to take this picture that I apparently wanted.  While Nate was gone for those few minutes it just went crazy. Within the next 5 contractions, I was at 10 and couldn't move back to the bed.  I yelled to Nate that I could tell Bennett was coming, and the nurse was in the room within a second (she told us later she was figuring out what she needed to deliver on the bathroom floor...haha) but Nate came to the rescue, picked me up, carried me to the bed.  As he did that the doctor arrived and two contractions later Bennett arrived!  The nurse had laughed as she checked her times and realized I had gone from 7cm to delivered in 12 minutes. Bennett obviously was just ready to meet us!

Bennett Asher VandeGuchte
April 26, 2015
7lbs 1oz 20 inches

Ready to go home!

When Bennett left the hospital he was 6lbs 12oz. By his doctor appointment at 3 days old he was up to 6lbs 13oz. The first two nights at home were rough, and he was up every 2 hours to nurse on the dot. He was extremely slow and took about 45 min. each time to feed, which left me with sleeping in about 1 hours chunks.  After the first two nights he began sleeping 2-3 hours and seemed to be getting his nights and days figured out a little more. 

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  1. Love seeing these pics and reading the story. What a day!!