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Sunday, May 10, 2015

37 & 38 Weeks


How far along: 38 weeks 4 days 
Sleep: Horrible, but I know I'm still getting more sleep than I will be when baby boy arrives, so I'm trying to enjoy the sleep I am getting. I have some major sciatica nerve pain and rib pain going on. He loves 2 particular ribs to jam up into. The doctor and I are wondering if he will be long, due to how low he is but how tight is up against my ribs still. We'll see hopefully in week or so!  
Movement: Nate gets totally creeped out watching him dance in my belly, but it's one of my favorite things, even if it's getting kind of uncomfortable with some of his moments. 

I'm hoping he will make his arrival sometime early next week.  This is the longest I've made it with all 3 pregnancies, so apparently he is pretty comfy and not so anxious to make his debut, unlike Ty and Addi. 

Here hoping he'll come in week 39! 

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