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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Break 2015

With baby boy due soon, we weren't abel to take our usual Florida trip, so it was a staycation for the VandeGuchte family. We did lots of relaxing, but also got to get out a few days and have some fun!

First up was the Aquatic Center with Taylor and Cam. I didn't think they'd last super long, but even after two hours we had to tell them they were closing the pool and it was time to get out! They had a blast!

That day we also decided to decorate Easter eggs! 

Easter Sunday.... they wouldn't smile..... 
 After church they got to go on their Easter egg hunt!

Ty's new bike that he had gotten from my parents last sumer finally fit perfectly. Ty's been excited to try it out and picked up on riding the two wheeler again very quickly.  He has been LOVING going on bike rides.  He is able to go on a "real" bike ride with Nate to the track and through the trails at Helder park. I have a feeling we are going to get good use out of that bike this summer!

He wanted to keep it clean!
 Towards the end of the week we made our way to the K-zoo area to see Grandma Pat. She was surprised and I think very excited to see us! 

 Friday was Fredrick Meijer Gardens!  

Lastly, we made a trip to go check out the Lake at the cottage. Addi at first was quite upset because we weren't "going to the beach" to play and swim....

Overall, it was a nice Spring Break. We relaxed, got the house cleaned, I made a lot of freezer meals in preparation for baby, and actually put baby boys' room together! We are ready for his arrival!