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Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving at Nate's cousin's house and the kids had an absolute blast.  Craig and Kerry live on a farm and Ty and Addi definitely aren't used to being on a farm.  Ty especially was excited to help his cousins Katrina, Colby, and Caleb with their farm chores during the day. 

Addi wasn't scared!

Ty's buddy, Colby!

The kids loved climbing in the hay barn

Katrina making up some milk bottles for Ty and Addi to feed to the calves. 

Addi was so intrigued by holding the bottle for the calf that she never noticed the little cow who was enjoyed licking and smelling her coat the entire time. 

As Addi looks back at this and other pictures, she keeps saying, "The little cow licked my bum!!" 

Of course..... eating time!
Tradition Thanksgiving meal for Meal #1

Katrina and Addi coloring
Colby and Ty playing trains
Later that night it was Meal #2, Thanksgiving "dinner" VandeGuchte/Tucker style  (Pizza, chips n' cheese, pizza bursts, little pigs in a blanket and strawberry daiquiris) ha! Weird, I know.....but you can't stop tradition.

Countdown begins to Thanksgiving at the Tucker's in 2015!

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