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Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Tree Time!

Before the Christmas tree pictures, I have to share these cute pictures of Addi and Hailey!  

Already practicing to be a big sister :) 
On to the traditional Christmas tree hunt the weekend after Thanksgiving.  
Addi would barely go by Santa even with me by her. 

Playing with grandma!

"ere are you ganma?" is Addi's favorite :)

and this is our attempt at a nice picture of the four of us...
 try 1
Try 2

Try 3

 try 4 (Addi making silly faces to Ty - this could have been the best one!!)

and this is still the best we got..... decent... lol 
Got our tree!

Addi was really excited about the horses! (Dana, aren't you so proud of me for petting the horse! ;))
I only got two pictures of setting up the tree....oops

We love this time of year!

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