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Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Fall!

Way behind, as always.  So I'm going to wrap up September and October in one "Happy Fall" post. 

Our most exciting news of Fall was our announcement of Baby VandeGuchte #3! Baby is due May 4, 2015 and we are so excited to bring another addition to our family.  We are ready for the added chaos (maybe...)! As of today (November 3) I am 14 weeks and feeling good! Just had an appointment today and measuring right on and baby's heart rate was 158.  I'm just glad to be getting to the end of the sickness part. 

My mom visited for the weekend in September and we got to hit up Crane's for some yummy apples!  It was a BEAUTIFUL day for late September. 

Yay for Grandma visiting!

Aunt Kara and Uncle Drew came with as well!

LOVE LOVE my mom :) 

Another favorite past time in our household lately is football in the basement with dad. Ty has his uniform that he loves to wear and always wants to wear it when they play. 

Addi thinks her cheerleading outfit is a football uniform too :) 
tackle practice!

Hurdles are up and Ty ptactices running routes!
Addi's turn!
Ty had been asking to be a skeleton for the past month or so which was actually perfect because it was FREEZING so he was able to put several layers underneath :)
Even though it doesn't look like it, Addi was excited for trunk or treating - she chose a butterfly this year.
 Since the weather forecast was calling for rain/snow on Halloween, we decided to to go trunk or treat at church a few days before instead. 
Here we go!

Yay for trunk or treating with friends!
Best buddies  
Mommies and the littles
On Halloween, the kids and I stayed in and handed out candy, which they ended up loving :)

Lastly, Ty was very excited to go with Nate to an event with his football team at Buffalo Wild Wings!
 Could they look any more alike?!?!

There you have it. Happy Fall everyone!