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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Summer Wrap Up

Whoa, so this may be over a month late but better late than never.  All summer long we had been working with Ty on a few things and we told him when he accomplished his goal we'd take him on his first real train ride.  This kid was beyond excited. During August Nate took him on the Amtrak from Holland to Grand Rapids.  Unfortunately, it took two attempts as the first train ended up being delayed until after 10:00pm. 

Attempt 1: Buying the tickets!

waiting for the train!!

Checking out the train magazines

Nate tried to make up for not being able to go by taking him to target to buy a new engine for his track.  It half worked...
 Attempt 2: We were really hoping for no delays!

Still just as excited!
 About ten minutes before it was suppose to arrive we had heard that a tree had fallen on the tracks. Ty thought that was awesome, but we were really hoping it wouldn't delay it too long!

It's here!

Jumping up and down with excitement!

Thumbs up for a great ride!!

Another fun adventure from the end of the summer was the Color Run with some of my favorite Blue Star people!

And one last summer get together with friends!
Ty sliding away!
Eli having a blast!
Quinn loved it!

Addi was more content with the water table :)

This is about as good of a picture we got with the little ladies.... haha
Such great times with friends!