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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mommy, Daddy, and Ty

All summer I have wanted to make the effort to take Ty and Addi out separately with Nate and I. Ty was looking forward to our date all week!  Addi got to hang out with grandma and Aunt Kelsi while we spent the evening with Ty!
Ready to go!
Addi and Grandma ready for their adventure!
First up....Hibachi! Ty had never been before and we thought he would love watching them cook in front of him!  
Watching the chef!
The only part he did not like is when they lit the fire.  This picture was taken right before he ducked under the table. :)

He loved eating with chopsticks!
 Next up...Craig's Cruisers!  After driving by everyday on the way to daycare and seeing commercials Ty had asked several times this summer to check out the race cars.  We thought this would be the perfect night. 
First time go-karting!

All ready for bumper boats!
Ty loved the squirting the squirt gun!

I had to include this. Ty LOVED mini-golf.  He especially loved the holes where it would go in a hole and then travel through a tunnel to a different level.  We warned him on hold 18 that the ball would disappear and that this was the last hole.  However, he did not realize the ball would disappear for good, he had just thought it'd go through a tunnel.  He was not prepared and this is what happened. I know, I know, awful parent award for taking this picture as he is heart-broken but hopefully he'll look back on this and laugh. :)
BUT daddy came to the rescue and found a ball on the rocks by the pond, so he go to do the hole once more with the understanding that the ball would disappear for good!
All happy again and happy about our time in mini-golf land!
 My turn with my little man on the go-karts!

Love photo booths!
 After Craig's Cruisers we were planning on heading home, but someone was craving some fuzzy peach!  Ty and Nate were up for it too :) 

We had such a blast hanging out with our little man all evening. We definitely want to continue doing this! We can't wait for our evening with the little lady next!

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