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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Canada Part 2

Unfortunately on Thursday, someone woke up with a high temperature and was getting sick on and off.   She usually is SUCH a trooper with any fever, and will play right through it.  However, this one took her out.  She did not move from the couch. all. day. I actually was a little concerned as she's never been like that. I stayed in all day snuggling up with her and Ty got to go have fun with his Aunts and his cousin Bella. 

While Addi and I stayed in, Ty got to go climb Candy Rock again!

Bella and Ty  had SO much fun this week

Thankfully, Addi had just a 24 hour bug and by the next morning she was on the road to recovery.  Boat ride in the morning!

We boated to Blueberry Island to pick some wild blueberries

We did some paddleboating!
 Nate had to swim us in as we knocked the chain off.... oops

Happy 6th Anniversary!

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