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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Canada Part 1

We were all anxiously awaiting our favorite week of the summer....Canada! We had a quick turn around of a couple days from South Carolina so it was busy busy getting unpacked and repacked!  

Thanks to Pinterest and this cute snack idea!
 We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the afternoon unpacking and seeing the rest of the family who had come up.  Sunday morning, as tradition, was a pontoon boat ride around Lake Chub.

Ty was talking about driving the boat even before we had arrived!

Addi got to drive this year!

Bella and Ty - buddies! 
Floating at Uncle DeeDee and Uncle Tom's house

The kids love fishing off the dock with Uncle Tom!

The kid's didn't get out fishing a ton, as their patience isn't quite there, but we did make it out!

We got lots of kayaking in!

Aunt Julie baked with the kids!

Of course there was a girl's day.  Aunt DeeDee showed up to our cabin in this outfit with a list of "missions". It was an interesting day to say the least!  Leave it to Aunt DeeDee to make it fun and interesting :)

One mission accomplished
 Candy Rock Mountain Trail!  
7 years ago Nate and I got engaged at the top of the mountain

Nate gets a picture with Ty by the same tree each year!

Canada week falls over our anniversary each year - Happy 6 years!

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