Back Ground

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mommy, Daddy, and Ty

All summer I have wanted to make the effort to take Ty and Addi out separately with Nate and I. Ty was looking forward to our date all week!  Addi got to hang out with grandma and Aunt Kelsi while we spent the evening with Ty!
Ready to go!
Addi and Grandma ready for their adventure!
First up....Hibachi! Ty had never been before and we thought he would love watching them cook in front of him!  
Watching the chef!
The only part he did not like is when they lit the fire.  This picture was taken right before he ducked under the table. :)

He loved eating with chopsticks!
 Next up...Craig's Cruisers!  After driving by everyday on the way to daycare and seeing commercials Ty had asked several times this summer to check out the race cars.  We thought this would be the perfect night. 
First time go-karting!

All ready for bumper boats!
Ty loved the squirting the squirt gun!

I had to include this. Ty LOVED mini-golf.  He especially loved the holes where it would go in a hole and then travel through a tunnel to a different level.  We warned him on hold 18 that the ball would disappear and that this was the last hole.  However, he did not realize the ball would disappear for good, he had just thought it'd go through a tunnel.  He was not prepared and this is what happened. I know, I know, awful parent award for taking this picture as he is heart-broken but hopefully he'll look back on this and laugh. :)
BUT daddy came to the rescue and found a ball on the rocks by the pond, so he go to do the hole once more with the understanding that the ball would disappear for good!
All happy again and happy about our time in mini-golf land!
 My turn with my little man on the go-karts!

Love photo booths!
 After Craig's Cruisers we were planning on heading home, but someone was craving some fuzzy peach!  Ty and Nate were up for it too :) 

We had such a blast hanging out with our little man all evening. We definitely want to continue doing this! We can't wait for our evening with the little lady next!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Grown Up

At the end of June (yep, only a month late on this) Addi decided that she no longer wanted a crib and she no longer wanted diapers!  BIG girl! While at my parents house she decided that she was not having anything to do with the pack n' play and would climb out the moment we put her in.  She ended up sleeping in a regular bed all week, and we figured if she did so well there we should try and transition her crib to a toddler bed.  She LOVED it!  Surprisingly she still has yet to get out of bed at night (which we had such a hard time keeping Ty in his bed).  

Ty and Addi in the crib before we took the rail down!

She fell right asleep with no rail :)

This is how I found her one night... haha

and..... we are DIAPER-FREE in the VandeGuchte household!! I was planning on starting potty training after Canada so we didn't have to worry about everything over our travels this summer.  However, Addi decided she was ready and totally took over.  She began telling me "potty" whenever she had to go, I wouldn't even have to ask!  I literally would help her get on and off the potty and she totally did the rest.  Naptimes and night time were no issues at all.  I wish Ty would have been that easy! Go Adds, we are so proud of you! What a big girl!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Canada Part 2

Unfortunately on Thursday, someone woke up with a high temperature and was getting sick on and off.   She usually is SUCH a trooper with any fever, and will play right through it.  However, this one took her out.  She did not move from the couch. all. day. I actually was a little concerned as she's never been like that. I stayed in all day snuggling up with her and Ty got to go have fun with his Aunts and his cousin Bella. 

While Addi and I stayed in, Ty got to go climb Candy Rock again!

Bella and Ty  had SO much fun this week

Thankfully, Addi had just a 24 hour bug and by the next morning she was on the road to recovery.  Boat ride in the morning!

We boated to Blueberry Island to pick some wild blueberries

We did some paddleboating!
 Nate had to swim us in as we knocked the chain off.... oops

Happy 6th Anniversary!

Canada Part 1

We were all anxiously awaiting our favorite week of the summer....Canada! We had a quick turn around of a couple days from South Carolina so it was busy busy getting unpacked and repacked!  

Thanks to Pinterest and this cute snack idea!
 We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the afternoon unpacking and seeing the rest of the family who had come up.  Sunday morning, as tradition, was a pontoon boat ride around Lake Chub.

Ty was talking about driving the boat even before we had arrived!

Addi got to drive this year!

Bella and Ty - buddies! 
Floating at Uncle DeeDee and Uncle Tom's house

The kids love fishing off the dock with Uncle Tom!

The kid's didn't get out fishing a ton, as their patience isn't quite there, but we did make it out!

We got lots of kayaking in!

Aunt Julie baked with the kids!

Of course there was a girl's day.  Aunt DeeDee showed up to our cabin in this outfit with a list of "missions". It was an interesting day to say the least!  Leave it to Aunt DeeDee to make it fun and interesting :)

One mission accomplished
 Candy Rock Mountain Trail!  
7 years ago Nate and I got engaged at the top of the mountain

Nate gets a picture with Ty by the same tree each year!

Canada week falls over our anniversary each year - Happy 6 years!