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Monday, June 9, 2014

Kick-off to Summer

Our first few days of summer have been fabulous!!!
Week 3 of parks led us to Tunnel Park.  I am really loving this summer tradition, and can't wait to explore some old and new parks. This was by far at the top of the list! We decided to grill out on the grills, play on the playground, and of course spend some time on the beach.

Kelsi carrying Adds up the dune, she did do all the stairs though by the end of the night!

We all LOVE the beach!

Kelsi, Scott and Ty still playing down by the water

The girls tried to get a good work out in by going up and down the dunes! 

 Now to figure out where park #4 will be!

Monday afternoon we randomly decided to see if Ty wanted to try riding his bike without his training wheels. He has a balance/glider bike and has gotten really good at it, so we figured he may just be ready.  He was excited!

Nate took him on 2 or 3 practice rides down the "hill" beside our house and to our surprise by run #2 he had it!  

He was LOVING it!  We do need to work a little bit more on stopping but he is getting there!

Now, he is excited to look for a new bike (his Mickey bike is WAY too small).  Thanks to the Sloothaaks we have a bigger bike to borrow while we find his new one :) Thanks!

Speaking of the Sloothaak family, we had our first summer fire!!! So blessed to have a colleague/friend/neighbor all in one :) 

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