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Friday, June 27, 2014

June Catch Up

 We have been loving summer so far!  I'm so blessed to get to spend lots of time with Nate, Ty, and Addi. 

First up, we had to get some flowers!  The kids loved this place!
Addi couldn't get over all the flowers!  Note her rainboots which she wore so she could be like Sheriff Callie from one of the kid's favorite TV shows.... haha

More t-ball games for Ty
Addi and Cam hanging out while watching the game

Mommy's turn to run the bases with Ty
Aunt Kelsi and Ty

Aunt Kara's turn!

Of course had to get some Fuzzy Peach after t-ball!

Next up.... a week at Grandma and Grandpa's house by the lake!

One of Addi's new favorites.... tea parties!

Ty, Addi, and Braxton playing on the bball court

Love this picture with Grandma Pat and Grandpa John!
 Ty's first time bowling!!

He got a strike!!

Of course, tractor rides with Grandpa

Ty was very excited to get a new bike with Grandpa's help! My dad is a huge biker and picking out a bike for Ty was a perfect outing for all the boys!

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