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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Catching Up

Ty is playing on his first t-ball team this year! They only have 4 games, and an adult has to be with them as their "shadow" throughout the whole game. Such a fun way for him to learn the game.  It was fun (and sometimes quite funny) watching all those little kiddos out on the field! Nate helped him the whole game and was quite exhausted by the end of the game! Overall, I think Ty did really well! He got to catch and throw a few balls and run the bases!

Nate prepping Ty before the game

Ty and Taylor checking out the helmets

Ty's first time running the bases!  After he hit, he left the bat and thought it was time to be done with the helmet so he threw that off as well.  By the end of the game he had finally gotten used to it.

Ty and Taylor spent some time playing in the

Addi and Cam loved seeing each other at the game too :)

Next dress shopping for Kara!

Park Time!  Throughout the summer our goal is to do Sunday dinner/evening at a new park each week.  First up, Kollen Park!  We did make it to Dutton Park last week but don't have any pictures. 

Kara and Andrew led Ty and Addi on a starburst trail to find them so they could ask them to be in their wedding.... they loved it!

One random picture.... Amy and I ready for staff kickball vs 5th grade the 2nd to last day of school!  After 6 years working together everyday, she will no longer be working with me next year!  So sad, but so happy she'll be staying at Blue Star! Love her!

Finally, the kids had their last days at daycare and had to say goodbye to their teachers for the summer. It was a little bittersweet for them.  

Addi and Miss Heidi.  Addi just loves her! 

Ty and his preschool teacher, Miss Angie. Miss Angie told me that during his last day, he had come up to her 7-8 times throughout the day just to tell her that he loved her.  So cute. As much as I hate being away from them while I am at work, it is so nice knowing they are so loved and that they love being where they are.  There are even days they don't want to leave when I pick them up!!

Phew... caught up..... now it's time for SUMMER!! So thankful for some time home!

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