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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Painting & Bye Bye Paci!!

Addi got some paint for her birthday (Thanks Cam!) and couldn't wait to use it. We couldn't find paintbrushes so q-tips had to do!

 Getting messy!
 She loved the paint on her hands!

It was a big weekend for Addilyn!  All week we have been talking about saying goodbye to paci (or nunuk as she calls it).  We started talking about it Monday that we were going to say goodbye soon, and she'd immediately point her little finger at me and tell me "NO!".  By Wednesday she was getting used to the idea and when I'd talk about it she'd say, "trashy!",  as in we are going to throw the paci in the trash.  The paci is such a hard thing for both of us to give up, for me it was her last "baby" part of her.  It was a little bittersweet!

This was Thursday last night

On Friday night it was time to say good bye! Here she is showing them off, she looks really excited, right!?

She got to put her last 3 in a "etty" (pretty) bag. Ty was a great big brother through it all.  "You're a big girl now Addi.  You don't need your nu-nuk. We are going to put them in the trashy, you can do it!"

Blowing one last kiss to them!

Bye Bye Nunuk!

Telling me all about having to say goodbye...

It took her much longer to fall asleep at night but no huge tears.  She rolled around a lot, and we ended up rocking her for a quite a while, but she put herself to sleep without crying! She slept all night but woke up early and didn't put herself back to sleep as she usually does (we'll usually see her trying to find a paci on the monitor and then lay back down).  Hopefully that will change!

The next day she did look in the trash and in a couple other places where her paci's normally end up. No luck.  Today it's been all about finding a new way to calm down when she gets hurt or she's upset.  Overall, it's been a good transition.....crossing my fingers that it stays that way! 

So proud of our Addi girl!

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