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Friday, May 23, 2014

A New Niece & Growing Up

May 12, Hailey arrived!  Hailey is niece/nephew #6 for us, and we were beyond thrilled to meet her!  It just happened that my parents were in town the next weekend, so my mom watched Ty and Addi and Nate and I made the 3 hour drive to meet her.  6 hours of driving for 1 1/2 hours of visiting....SO worth it.  I forgot how small newborns are!!

Nate getting in some newborn cuddles

cute little fam )

brother love :)
Addilyn has been very interested in the potty because of Ty.  She always liked to sit on it, but would NEVER go and would sit....and sit....and sit...... One day she decided that she just wanted to go, and did!  She was very proud of herself. She is still in diapers, but for the most part, especially at daycare she is dry.  She does much better at daycare with it, apparently her teachers (thanks Heidi & Daisy!) are the potty whispers because Addi will tell them when she has to go but she'll never tell me.  We'll get there eventually.  
Very excited after going for her first time! Poor Addi is stuck with all Ty's old stuff....but she likes the car potty!

 Ty teaching her about flushing....

Has to check it out! haha

As much as it means my baby is getting older, it will be nice to soon be diaper free in the VG household!

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