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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring Break Part I

We have been anxiously counting down the days until Spring Break!  We went to Florida last year, to stay with my Aunt and Uncle, and we were excited to make the trip again this year!  

We left Thursday immediately after school to make the trek down to Stuart, FL.  It wasn't as smooth as we were hoping, but we still made excellent time! There was NO traffic, it was awesome. However, Nate got sick on the way down, which kind of put a damper on the driving situation.  He made it driving until about 12:30am, then I took over until 5am so he could sleep.  I was proud of myself for making it that long! I made it thanks to lots of redbull, almost an entire bag of Ritz Chips (addicting!), and the fact that my back hurt so much there was no way I could get tired. Addi decided that 2am was a great time to wake up, and stayed up for the rest of the trip. I couldn't believe she didn't fall back asleep. What a stinker.  Between the two kids, neither of us slept more than 2 or 3 hours the entire night. We made it to Florida by 1pm, and we all immediately took a nap!

Ty checking on his train map to pass some time

Happy Girl!

Watching a movie...

Finally the first couple days in SUN and warmth!

Ty immediately wanted to jump in the pool. 

First night we introduced Aunt Lisa (Seesa to Addi) to Frozen!

Addi got a "pwincess" from Aunt Lisa for the pool, she loves it!
Going on a walk!

We walked to the Locks and watched some boats go through. We even got to see a manatee that made its way into the locks.

Beyond the locks we got to go on a little "adventure"

When we got back from the walk/adventure it was immediately back in the pool

Ty LOVES the pool this year!! He is so into swimming, and swims as much as we'll let him!
Addi is a little hesitant about the pool but loves to sit on the edge and put her toes in :)

Lunch by the pool
We are ready for another 5 days in the sun!  My mom surprised us right before we left telling us that she was coming to visit as well, and would overlap by a day.  I'm not wishing the week away, but I am so excited to see her on Thursday and so are the kids!

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  1. I love this! The sun and warmth and tank tops and swimming looks amazing! Enjoy your time...and so happy that you'll get to see your mom too!