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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Addilyn Grace!

Happy 2nd Birthday Addilyn Grace!

I think just in the last couple months Addi has become such a "toddler". She just seems so old to me! Her little personality has exploded and it has been so fun watching her change every day.  

Addi at 2.....
  • You weigh 29lbs (88%ile) and are in the 35.5inches (88%ile) for height as well. You still have your umbilical hernia and we will most likely have to have that taken care of in a couple years or you may just be really mad at us as a teenager!
  • You LOVE to copy your older brother, no matter what he does. If Ty wants to go downstairs, you go downstairs, if Ty plays with trains you want to play with trains, if Ty screams you scream.  One of your favorite things is to do is tackle him and NOT get off. It makes him really mad at first but you both, usually, end up laughing. Okay....really..... it's half the time you guys end up laughing, and half the time you end up crying from Ty trying to get you off him!
  • Your favorite food is any kind of fruit and cheese sticks.
  • Your favorite shows/movies are: Princess Sofia, Special Agent Oso, Monsters Inc, and Frozen
  • You love playing trains with your brother (your favorite train is Koko) and you have really started loving playing with baby dolls.  What a difference it is raising a girl! Without "teaching" you, you take out my purses, want to put diapers on your babies/stuffed animals, and you LOVE trying on any and all shoes....well, except these super cute brown sandals I bought for you...grr.. haha
  • You are talking (finally!) and it is so fun to hear those new words!  You went from only grunting at 20 months, to babbling at 21 months, to giving us plenty to hear at 24 months! I just love hearing your little voice. 
  • You love to be silly, especially when you dance
  • You sleep from about 8:00 - 6:45 and take a 2-3 hour nap during the day. You like to be rocked only for a minute or two and then you want to be placed in your bed to put yourself to sleep.  You have always been like this, and I know in many ways it's great that you have always wanted to put yourself to sleep BUT sometimes I wish you'd let me rock you a little longer!
  • You can be quite dramatic at times, and when you don't get your way you make it well known.  It's amazing how you already know how to try and get away with things.  
  • You love your pacifier or "nu-nuk" as you call it. You better enjoy it.... bye bye paci in a couple weeks! :)
Addi wanted a Monster Inc. birthday party. I asked her what kind of party she wanted and went through all her favorite things.... do you want a princess party........ do you want a Monster party (YES!).  So Monsters Inc. it was. She loves Sully and could watch the movie every day if I would let her. We had a simply party just with Nate's family.  We did it on Easter Sunday and had a Easter/Birthday combination celebration!

Sully and Mike Cupcakes!

She was a little tired when everyone first arrived... cuddles on Grandma's lap...

What a beautiful day it was!! Outside playing!

Addi and Aunt Kara having some girl time

She loves her new trike! Thanks Grandma!

This was, by far, our biggest struggle of the day.....Ty trying to open all the presents. Ty was a tad jealous of all the presents Addi was getting and he was desperately trying to help her open them because he is SUCH a great ripper (so he says :o) ). She didn't seem to mind too much haha

Cake Time!


Happy Happy Birthday Addi girl!

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  1. I'm glad to hear she just started talking. I feel like Gunner is so far behind. When Hadley was this age she was saying complete sentences. He's still grunting and has a few words that he can say. He'll be two next month so hopefully something will click and he'll just take off here real soon.