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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Ty!

A little late on this, so the story of my life goes right now, but better late than never!  Ty has been looking forward to his birthday for the month or so.  He could not wait to be a "real" preschooler.  Ty moved into the preschool room early (at 3 1/2 instead of 4), so he has been a "preschooler".  Apparently though, you aren't a real preschooler until you turn 4, so that is what Ty was counting down towards.  

So instead of me taking my best guess at what Ty loves I decided to ask him the questions instead... here is what he said about what he is like at 4:

What is your favorite food? strawberries, hot dogs, waffles
What is your favorite show? Chuggington
What is your favorite movie? The Polar Express
Who are your best friends? Taylor and Dad
What is your favorite song? Let it Go (From Frozen)
What is your favorite thing to play? Trains
What makes you sad? Not sharing
What makes you really happy?  Taylor!!!!!! (he was really excited about this answer)
What do you like most about being 4?  Being a real preschooler
What is your favorite thing about preschool?  Zoophonics
What are you scared of? Monsters (I asked if they are real, he said “They are make-believe”)
What else do you want me to know about you being 4?  I know how to write the T in my name, but I need a little help writing the y still.

Ty's stats: Weight - 42lbs (89%ile) Height - 42 1/4" (88%ile) 

Ty was really excited and spent about a half hour decorating his chair

When I asked Ty what kind of party he wanted he said everything blue and green! He also said he wanted a blue basketball cake. :)

I told him I would make his favorite meal or we could order food, he chose Pizza Hut.  He wanted his own little personal pizza for his birthday, which he had never had before. He LOVED having his own boxed pizza :)

Playing with Grandma and his new toy

Addi enjoying Ty's new toys 

Of course there was some dancing to the Frozen soundtrack
Cake Time!!

 This was his second little cake, on his actual birthday. He loved getting two cakes!

Can't believe my little boy is 4!!

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  1. Love, Love, Love the picture of Ty with his cake! Pure joy! Happy 4th Birthday Ty!