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Saturday, March 22, 2014


Whoa, I jumped over the whole month of February..... let's rewind....

We had lots of snowdays in February! This is what February looked like at the VandeGuchte house...
That's a lot of snow.... There was LOTS of shoveling done. Thanks Nate!

 There were lots of extra days of playing in the VG household.
Addi loves to "fwy" :)
There was LOTS of playdoh

 And extra pajama playdates with friends!

The kids wrestling

Addi and Cam checking out the books
 So.... Addi and I got to have a getaway to Arizona for a long weekend. I bounced back and forth on the idea of bringing Addi with me, since she is still free. I finally decided since Nikki hadn't met her, and it'd been awhile for her seeing everyone else, I should bring her.  Looking back, I might have made a different decision. haha. Two flights each way. The first one went okay. However, the second one I'd like to erase from my memory. As a parent, you can pinpoint those few select times for each child where you just want to disappear into thin air..... Yeah, this is one of them. Addi had a rough time last summer on the flight, which was awful, but at least I can excuse that as she ended up having an ear infection.  This time around, I thought it'd be better because she was older, she likes watching the ipad, etc.  Well, add a long day at daycare, with a flight starting at her bedtime, and a girl who does not like to cuddle to fall asleep and you get a bad combination. There was a very mean lady in front of us who might have been throwing out some inappropriate words "under her breath".   I read EVERY article, every blog on "how to be prepared" to travel with a toddler, but sorry people, there are things that you just can't control, and believe me the parent with the crying child is feeling WAY WAY WAY worse than you are listening to her cry. In the end, Addi fell asleep on the floor in the back of the plane (I know, disgusting) but she was on a blanket, and she wasn't crying. Despite the mean lady, there were some great people on the flight.  I had about 5 or 6 people come up to me after we landed saying I did a great job haha. Yes, it was nice to have the encouragement but also it told me that, yes, Addi was that bad.

But hey... check out this cute picture of my carry on during our layover..... :)

Once we got there, it was time for the fun! Oh, and waking up early with Addi due to the time change (hello 4am everyday!).
Addi and Lola had LOTS of fun together! 

Addi loved spending time with Aunt Sara!

One of the best times was our girl's afternoon with my sisters and mom!  So needed!

 Lola and Addi playing on the porch

Mom with the 3 girls, Marlee (3 months), Addi, and Lola!

Had a great time with my nephews Matt, Luke, and Ben!

Addi and Lola of course loved walking down to the park!

Overall, it was SUCH a nice weekend! I had major anxiety about coming home with Addi, but amazingly she fell asleep when we boarded, so I didn't move a muscle and just prayed the whole way.  :) 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Ty!

A little late on this, so the story of my life goes right now, but better late than never!  Ty has been looking forward to his birthday for the month or so.  He could not wait to be a "real" preschooler.  Ty moved into the preschool room early (at 3 1/2 instead of 4), so he has been a "preschooler".  Apparently though, you aren't a real preschooler until you turn 4, so that is what Ty was counting down towards.  

So instead of me taking my best guess at what Ty loves I decided to ask him the questions instead... here is what he said about what he is like at 4:

What is your favorite food? strawberries, hot dogs, waffles
What is your favorite show? Chuggington
What is your favorite movie? The Polar Express
Who are your best friends? Taylor and Dad
What is your favorite song? Let it Go (From Frozen)
What is your favorite thing to play? Trains
What makes you sad? Not sharing
What makes you really happy?  Taylor!!!!!! (he was really excited about this answer)
What do you like most about being 4?  Being a real preschooler
What is your favorite thing about preschool?  Zoophonics
What are you scared of? Monsters (I asked if they are real, he said “They are make-believe”)
What else do you want me to know about you being 4?  I know how to write the T in my name, but I need a little help writing the y still.

Ty's stats: Weight - 42lbs (89%ile) Height - 42 1/4" (88%ile) 

Ty was really excited and spent about a half hour decorating his chair

When I asked Ty what kind of party he wanted he said everything blue and green! He also said he wanted a blue basketball cake. :)

I told him I would make his favorite meal or we could order food, he chose Pizza Hut.  He wanted his own little personal pizza for his birthday, which he had never had before. He LOVED having his own boxed pizza :)

Playing with Grandma and his new toy

Addi enjoying Ty's new toys 

Of course there was some dancing to the Frozen soundtrack
Cake Time!!

 This was his second little cake, on his actual birthday. He loved getting two cakes!

Can't believe my little boy is 4!!