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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Break Post 1

It's hard to believe tomorrow is our last day of Christmas break... It has been so nice being home with the kids and going back to school after a long break is always bittersweet. 

Ty was constantly asking if it was the day to make cookies for Santa.  Ty has been very intrigued by Santa this year (although he didn't want to go see him).  He constantly asked about Santa coming, and how it all worked. His biggest concern this year was how Santa was going to get into our house since we don't have a fireplace.  I asked him how he thought he could get in, and Ty thought we should get Santa a special key.  Off to Hobby Lobby we went.  (Side note: Ty LOVES Hobby Lobby because there are 4 "b"s in the name of the store and "b" is his favorite letter.  Everytime we get there he makes sure to yell, "Mom, there are 4 "b"s! Look!") Ty picked out the special magic key and we were set!

We tried to talk about the real reason of Christmas and why we celebrate.  Whenever you would ask Ty what Christmas is all about it he'd say, "We are celebrating Jesus' birthday. We are having a party, and we get to open his gifts!". We are getting there... haha :)

Making cookies!

Addi just wanted to eat them as she ate...

Half way through it was getting a little messy, so off came the kids' shirts..... lol 

I grew up always opening gifts on Christmas Eve, so we have continued that tradition with our little family.  After Christmas Eve service, we came home, had our dinner, and then the kids opened their first present (new Christmas pjs and a new Christmas movie).

After hopping in their new pjs they were ready for presents! 
After seriously 15 shots this was still the best shot we could get!

trying on slippers!

Addi got her first "real" baby! She immediately gave it a big hug!

and a kiss!

 Addi was exhausted so she went to bed and Nate, Ty, and I watched the new Christmas movie, "The Polar Express".  Everyone that knows Ty, knows he loves trains, so he obviously loved this movie!

Final thing of the night was preparing for Santa!

1. Leave the magic key for Santa
2. Toddlerville gave each child a baggie of "Magic Reindeer Food " which was to guide Rudolph to our house . What a cute idea!

3. Picking out the cookies to leave for Santa

Ty was off to bed without a peep and the next morning he was ready to go!

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