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Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree Hunting

Happy Thanksgiving!  Nate was busy with a lot of football practices leading up to and on Thanksgiving, so Ty, Addi, and I headed to my parent's cottage to spend 3 nights and Nate came over when he could.  

The kid table

Baby Liam sleeping through the best part of Thanksgiving!

All the kids sledding after dinner

Of course there were some tractor rides while with Grandpa!

This was from another day of sledding at the cottage, Ty loves sledding now!

As tradition, we always go get our Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving!
waiting for the wagon to take us to the tree field

 Looking for trees!

Found our tree!

Ty helping saw :)

Helping Aunt Kara pull the tree over

When we got home, it was jammies and decorating the tree time!
unwinding the tree time

Love this time of year!

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