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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Zeeland West State Championship

The Zeeland West Dux made it to the state championship at Ford Field, and they won! When we told Ty he would get to come with us to daddy's football game, where he would get to ride the "people mover", he was beyond ecstatic. He was excited to watch daddy but he was MOST excited for the people mover.  He has never been on a real train, and as you all knows, Ty loves his trains! We told him it was going to be just like riding Emery from Chuggington, and it was just about all he could talk about. 

When we got there we checked out our hotel before heading to Ford Field. He soon realized that he could see "Emery" from our hotel window.... 

 You could walk from our hotel straight to the people mover

Train is coming!

So ready!

On the people mover! One excited boy!

Looking out the window

Eating some yummy stadium food!

Passing time with some coloring 

Checking out the game from one of the endzones...Ty got a little restless about halftime. We ended up sitting in the endzone for almost the whole second half, it was a little overstimulating in the big crowd. 

Go West!
They did it! 

Ty even got to go play on the field with Nate after the game!

One of Nate's friends from college was actually a coach on the opposing team....small world!
 Ty was excited to go back to the hotel since we had to ride Emery on the way home! 

Once we got back to the hotel it was a pizza party!  At this point it was about 11:30, Ty was such a little trooper :)

Jill and I survived another football season! 
We headed back up to the hotel room around midnight and were ready to cash out.  Ty was ready until he kept hearing "Emery" pulling into the station and would have to get up and look out the window..... He finally settle down after getting out of bed 3-4 times. haha.  It was a great weekend!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree Hunting

Happy Thanksgiving!  Nate was busy with a lot of football practices leading up to and on Thanksgiving, so Ty, Addi, and I headed to my parent's cottage to spend 3 nights and Nate came over when he could.  

The kid table

Baby Liam sleeping through the best part of Thanksgiving!

All the kids sledding after dinner

Of course there were some tractor rides while with Grandpa!

This was from another day of sledding at the cottage, Ty loves sledding now!

As tradition, we always go get our Christmas tree the weekend of Thanksgiving!
waiting for the wagon to take us to the tree field

 Looking for trees!

Found our tree!

Ty helping saw :)

Helping Aunt Kara pull the tree over

When we got home, it was jammies and decorating the tree time!
unwinding the tree time

Love this time of year!