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Saturday, September 28, 2013

August/September Catch-Up!

The last month of school, I have been so caught up in school I haven't posted anything! Time for a little catch up from mid-August to end of September!

Ty and I were in one of my best friend's wedding, Jess.  
Ty was such a little stud and did a great job as the ring bearer!

Ben and Ty

Ben with the Bride and Groom

Then there was a quick visit from Uncle Terry and Aunt Lisa!

A college friend's wedding. T-home wives :)

Another wedding of a good friend with the reception along the lake!

The truck parade in Zeeland...

even Addi loved it this year!

I got to meet Baby Liam! Tough little fighter in the nicu!

Finally, Addi got tubes

The before meds making her a little funny!

happy girl

and then the full effects of the meds, a little out of it...
She was such a big girl waking up from anesthesia, just wanted her juice :)

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