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Saturday, September 28, 2013

August/September Catch-Up!

The last month of school, I have been so caught up in school I haven't posted anything! Time for a little catch up from mid-August to end of September!

Ty and I were in one of my best friend's wedding, Jess.  
Ty was such a little stud and did a great job as the ring bearer!

Ben and Ty

Ben with the Bride and Groom

Then there was a quick visit from Uncle Terry and Aunt Lisa!

A college friend's wedding. T-home wives :)

Another wedding of a good friend with the reception along the lake!

The truck parade in Zeeland...

even Addi loved it this year!

I got to meet Baby Liam! Tough little fighter in the nicu!

Finally, Addi got tubes

The before meds making her a little funny!

happy girl

and then the full effects of the meds, a little out of it...
She was such a big girl waking up from anesthesia, just wanted her juice :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Party in the 80's

I am SO far behind in blogs, but I just had to post about this past weekend in Indy!  The kids stayed home with grandma and aunt Kelsi and Nate and I headed down Saturday morning.  There was a surprise 50th birthday party happening for one of our family members, and it was 80's themed.  Nate was just thrilled to dress up, NOT, but he was a very good sport about wearing his costume. It was at their private hanger, had an awesome backdrop of old airplanes and such, had an awesome 80's band, food, and best of all we got to see a ton of family.  I was so looking forward to this time, as my parents and two brothers even flew in to come!

Nate and I ready to go!

Aunt Julie, Mom, and Aunt Lela

Photo bomb!

Twin bro and Sara

The "adults" :)

Walking to the hanger

We were one of the first people there so we had some time to check out the hanger

I loved the planes they had!
The boys
The girls

And baby Marlee, my newest soon to be niece!

How else would you arrive to your surprise party?

Big bro aka Flying McFay for the night

Char with the cut-outs haha
and then there was trying to learn how to skateboard out side the hanger later in the night...

Colin freaked as he felt a baby for the first time ever...

Getting a little crazy as the night went on...

It was a great night!  We were so sad to say goodbye the following day.  Love getting that time with my family!