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Monday, August 12, 2013

Blog Catch-Up!

Well, it's been awhile so here is a little bit of catch-up from the last couple of weeks!

We of course had to go Blueberry picking!  We picked about 15lbs of blueberries.  Ty was very much into filling his bucket this year. He actually did a great job of picking the good ones!  Addi, started off wanting to pick but just ended up sitting in one spot and eating as many as she could :)

Addi found a nice spot to sit and eat

SO, orginally we thought we might be redoing our deck this year. I've really wanted to get stairs down to the backyard so we could have easier access to the sandbox/play area. Well, we decided to wait another year or two, but in the meantime we decided to get a little creative.  So with a little luck from Craigslist and some help from a cousin we took our deck from.....

this!  There are gates to close as well to make sure it's safe for Addi on the deck too!  Ty loves it!!  

The one thing Nate has had on his list to do this summer is a campout with Ty!  Ty has never slept in a tent before and he was so excited for this night!  
helping set up the tent

Having fun in the tent after it was all set up

After it got dark we had a campfire with s'mores, and then we had an outdoor movie - which Ty picked a Bug's Life 
Picking a movie to watch

 Nate even figured out how to project the movie onto the side of the house (kind of hard to see in the picture)

Ready to hop in the tent for bed!
good night!
Ty slept AWESOME, and now he has been begging to do another campout :)

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  1. Such sweet photos, and I love the climbing wall and slide down from the deck! LOL. I can just imagine you having as much fun as the kids on them. I know that I would :)