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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trains, Butterflies, and Dates!

Ty LOVES trains. Ty LOVES train tracks.  There was a small train in WI which we had gone to which he had loved so we knew he would absolutely love the Train Park in AZ.  This place is awesome. They have train museums, train models, train rides, railroad crossings, everything a little boy who is obsessed with trains would love. 
Ty jumping up and down with his train ticket waiting to board!

Everyone all aboard!

Addi's ready!

His face when he saw there was a tunnel to go through!

His face when he spotted the end of the tunnel! Priceless!

Checking out the signal house

Checking out the models

Another favorite.... mini railroad crossing!

Riding the train again!

Our next outing was to Butterfly Wonderland!
Ready to watch the 3D movie

Butterfly Whisperer

One of the evenings Nate and I got to go out on a date!  We went to a great restaurant and then hit up Dave & Buster's for some fun :) It's really good that their is no Dave & Buster's around us, I would go way to often and spend way to much money! 

 I WON THE JACKPOT! 980 tickets (it had reset back to 250 when we took this)!  I felt like a little kid, it was awesome... we should have gone and bought a real lotto ticket. :)

Gotta love the photobooths that I drag Nate into!


  1. Your date night looks like so much fun! And Ty's love of trains has rubbed off on Taylor - she would have LOVED that museum!! What a fun vacation!!

  2. Looks like a fun family vacation (minus the plane ride there). Love the one with Nate and the butterfly. Your kids are adorable in every picture!