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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

On the 3rd of July we hit up the fireworks in Fort McDowell.  Not quite like a Kollen Park setting, as we were in chairs in a parking lot of a casino, but it was still a great show!

4th of July was relaxing! Pool during the day, dad's famous ribs for lunch, traditional flag cake for dessert, and then we hit up the park at Fountain Hills for some fun activities. 
Making the flag cake, Ty mostly just snuck blueberries and raspberries :)
Notice Ty again sneaking a raspberry!
Walking to the park for some activities!
bounce house!
Addi sporting her 4th of July dress!

She was not sure about the petting zoo

How we found Ty sleeping later that night.... not at all on his mattress, but on the hardwood floor.... not sure how he found that comfy. 

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