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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Desert Ridge Resort

We made it to Arizona!  We headed out on Wednesday afternoon to Chicago where we took a direct flight to Phoenix.  Ty has been looking forward to this trip for weeks, and had talked about and asked questions about it almost daily.  
I wanted to get pictures of the kids on the airplane, but well this is the only pictures I got of our adventure out there. 

On the bus from the car to the airport

There were no pictures on the flight because it was a nightmare. It was NOT an enjoyable flight.  It was just over three hours and we were hoping that Addi would sleep the majority of the way as it was over her bedtime.  That did not happen AT ALL. Addi cried probably two or more out of the three hours, I walked the airplane aisle probably 50 times, had brought every toy imaginable to entertain her, tried DVDS, snacks, anything I could think of. Nothing worked.  I felt bad for the people around us and they were probably annoyed, but frankly, I think the moms dealing with very upset little ones on planes feel the worst (and basically want to cry out of frustration and exhaustion). I know that I am not alone in this experience, but it made me just want to move to AZ just so I didn't have to experience it possibly on the way home.  About 5 days after we were here we brought Addi to urgent care, as I suspected another ear infection, and sure enough, ear infection again (we had just finished a round of antibiotics a week prior to leaving).  So whether it was a new one or the meds didn't kick the first one enough, I'm hoping that is why she was so fussy on the plane....

Anyways, we made it and Thursday and Friday we, along with my parents, headed to a little resort for two days!  It was awesome.  They had a lazy river and three other pools to choose from.  We spent most of our time at the lazy river.  It was so nice to relax and the pools were a great way to cool off during on the of the hottest weeks of the summer. We have had temps in the 110-118 range all week!

Check out this 7 day forecast!
Getting some lunch and a break from the sun
Addi enjoying the lazy river
Ty LOVED the lazy river!
Grandpa, Nate, and Addi
Everyone floating down!
Up early means first people by the lazy river!  Already high 90's by 9:00!

Snacking by the lazy river

After two days we packed up and headed to Colin and Sara's for three days. Stay tuned for Jambo! Adventures! 

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