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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Canada Take 1

It has been a very busy summer of traveling for our family, and our final travel destination was our traditional trip to Canada!  This is one of our favorite weeks of the entire year, and we were excited that it finally arrived! It is so nice to be completely disconnected from the world. I always forget how much we actually use the internet, our phones, TV, etc. There is no choice of that in Canada, and I absolutely love it!
Packed up and ready to go!

We usually leave Friday afternoon and get across the border and spend in the night in Sault Ste. Marie (Canada side) so we can get to the cottage right early Saturday.  Nate unfortunately, had a massive paper due for his grad class so on Saturday morning, Nate stayed in the hotel and we ventured around Sault Ste. Marie and found a huge park which we explored for a couple hours. 

Nate finally got his paper done enough where we could take off, so off we went.  We unpacked and relaxed Saturday and caught up with our other family that was there. 

Sunday morning was the traditional pontoon ride with coffee and homemade muffins :)

Ty taking his driving VERY seriously.  He was SO focused haha. 
 Sunday we also took the kids on a boat ride and tried some fishing

Trying out his new Cars fishing pole

Mine always seemed to swallow the hook...

On Uncle Tom's dock catching some fish

Got one!

 We spent quite a lot of time at my Uncle Tom and Aunt DeeDee's cottage, they have a great dock to swim off of, lots of yard games, and hammocks to relax in

Addi loves pointing at everything

What could be better than relaxing and looking at that view!?

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