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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Canada: Mountains and Swimming

Nate proposed 6 years ago on top of Candy Rock Mountain (2007).  Each year we climb it on our anniversary, it's fun to see how we change and the additions that were made over the last 6 years :)

I was SO proud of Ty. He climb the whole entire hike except for one small part where he rode Nate's shoulders for a couple minutes.  What a big guy!

Nate and Ty get a picture in between these trees every year

My little companion for the hike

Of course there was plenty of time for some water fun!
Ty AND Maggie love kayaking

Ty did SO well swimming.  He went from not stepping a foot in the pool in Arizona to swimming with just his swimmies! 

Bella and Ty would swim out and "rescue" us from the tubes

Addi girl enjoying the sun

The crew this year

Bella and Ty were such buddies this week.  So fun!
Ty and Addi relaxing with a show before bedtime

Well...countdown begins until next Canada trip in 2014!

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