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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cottage Time!

The last two weekends have been spent at the cottage, and it has been glorious!  The first weekend, Eric, Char, and Lola were able to visit from Arizona!  This was the first time Ty and Lola got to meet (and only the 2nd time I have gotten to see my sweet little niece).  It was so nice for Ty, Lola, and Addi to have some "cousin" time :) Best of all, they absolutely loved each other!

Trains of course!

Lola was such a sweetie with Addi

Nate and Ty checking out the lake

Can't beat Lake Michigan sunsets.... can't wait for many more this summer!

The boys working

ove my little man!

So excited to be able to spend time with my niece!

Ty and Lola

There favorite thing was wrestling... absolutely hilarious!

It may look like Ty is the winner, but Lola had some great take downs haha

Adds and Lola

Hey Cuz!

Goodbye hugs!

The second weekend was the most beautiful weather!!  We didn't spend the nights, but just went out each day.  We went Saturday and I didn't think it'd be that nice, but it was so hot at the beach!  

Ty immediately was ready to jump in the water so we made do with what we had... Thomas underpants = the new swimsuit :) 

After the beach was project time with grandpa

Sunday we went back for more fun and this time we made sure to bring some suits!

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