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Monday, April 29, 2013


Just a few randoms from the last two weeks...

Hamilton had the day off from school so Kelly and I took the kids to Deanna's playhouse which the kids always love! 
Addi trying to work on her walking skills
One of Adds favorites.... the boat! 
Trying to get a picture of Camryn and Addi.  Cam was on the move! 
No smiles, but at least they are both looking!

This is about the best we got of Ty and Taylor
Ty of course found the train table

A couple night ago, Ty had a movie night with Trey and Rowan

A couple more randoms....
Addi's favorite hang out place in Ty's room

Another favorite in the house, the closet..... except now the door is completely broken, so the closet is doorless... Addi continues to try and look for the missing door to close herself in the closet (please disregard the Christmas pjs
in April :o) ).

Ty.... LET ME IN!

This was taken the last night before she turned one.... her last day as a baby! :) 

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  1. Cute! Taylor was crying and yelling at me to turn "the other way" out of Toddlerville today because she wanted to go to Deanna's house with Ty! :o) She had so much fun!