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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Florida Part II

My aunt has a pool and we spent lots of time enjoying a pool right outside the slider door!  Ty was a little hesitant at first about the water (not sure where that popped up from!) but by the second day was jumping in and having a blast. Addi didn't like the water at all to begin with.  She would be okay if one of us held her by the end but would have nothing to do with those infant floaty things. 

Trying to work up his confidence in jumping off the edge!

Getting there...

By the end, full jumps!!

Practicing blowing bubbles!
catching some sun :)
Dinner and Icecream Time!

 One of the days we went to the Oceanographic center and checked out the turtles, rays, and fish!
Trying to get Ty the chance to touch one!

checking out the nature trail

We were sad as the week was coming to an end but we had a fun surprise for Ty for our second to last day!  Stay tuned :)

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