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Monday, April 29, 2013


Just a few randoms from the last two weeks...

Hamilton had the day off from school so Kelly and I took the kids to Deanna's playhouse which the kids always love! 
Addi trying to work on her walking skills
One of Adds favorites.... the boat! 
Trying to get a picture of Camryn and Addi.  Cam was on the move! 
No smiles, but at least they are both looking!

This is about the best we got of Ty and Taylor
Ty of course found the train table

A couple night ago, Ty had a movie night with Trey and Rowan

A couple more randoms....
Addi's favorite hang out place in Ty's room

Another favorite in the house, the closet..... except now the door is completely broken, so the closet is doorless... Addi continues to try and look for the missing door to close herself in the closet (please disregard the Christmas pjs
in April :o) ).

Ty.... LET ME IN!

This was taken the last night before she turned one.... her last day as a baby! :) 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Addi!

When did my 6lb 12oz little baby girl become.....
such a big girl!?!?

Happy 1st Birthday to our sweet and dramatic little Addilyn.  I just can't begin to describe how quickly this year has gone, and how I just can't get over calling Addi a 1 year old!  Bittersweet. Her birthday seemed to sneak up on us, mostly because I think I was in denial that she was really turning 1!  We had a simple little birthday party for Adds, and had fun just relaxing and enjoying the celebration with Nate's family. 

with the birthday girl

Daddy and Ty

Family photo

There wasn't really a "theme" for Addi's party, but I wanted pink and green. I saw this owl on pinterest and thought it was the cutest thing ever! Kara of course helped me make it!

Addi didn't want the hat, but loved the cake!

Ditch the hat.... time to dig into the cake!

Love this sweet girl!

 Present time!  Ty was sooooo excited about present time. He had been talking about Addi's birthday for the last two weeks.  He kept saying over and over, "I'm a great ripper mommy, I'll help Addi open presents..  I am a great ripper!" Great helper :)

ut oh, already loving the cell phone.... :)

Checking out her new toys with Aunt Kelsi
Grandma and Addi

Addi..... at 1 years old....

- You weigh 22lbs (82%ile) and are 30in long (78%ile). Your one year check up went great.  You were such a trooper for your shots!  The doctor said you are right on track.  You still have quite a little hernia and we are thinking it will have to be taken care of in a couple of years.

- You LOVE your big brother Ty.  You constantly want to wrestle with him, but you always end up crying. After you stop crying you turn right around and go back for more!  At the dinner table, you want whatever Ty is eating, and will refuse to eat what is on your plate.  You have learned to point to things and you will point to Ty's plate and won't stop until you get the same thing.

- You are a crawling machine, and have started to stand by yourself for 2-3 seconds.  You have mastered walking with your walker toy but have yet to take any steps by yourself... you'll get there!

- Your favorite foods are bread, cheese, pasta, Baby Mum Mums, and puffs. You will do anything for puffs!

-  You have started to babble, and you will say the "mama" and "dada" but they don't have any meaning yet.  I think you are starting to understand that words have meaning because when you point to things you will go "aeh, aeh, aeh" as you point like you are saying, "come on, give me that!" :)

- You are down to one bottle a day, just at night.  That night bottle is more hard for me to let go of then you.  I need to hold on to it for just a little bit longer.

- You can be quite dramatic at times, and when you hear the word "no, you will get the biggest frown, will flail your arms back and forth, and then throw yourself forward on the ground and cry. A couple times, during your little dramatic moments, Ty will chirp in, "Addi girl is drama drama drama". haha

- Although you have your dramatic moments, most of the time you are such as sweetie.  You have one of the best laughs, and Ty can always get the best laugh out of you. Currently, he can really get you going when he pretends to be a frog and jumps around while ribbiting. You apparently think this is just hilarious.

- You have developed quite the stranger anxiety over the last couple weeks.  If a stranger even looks at you sometimes you will start crying. Although I love that you love me that much, I hope this phase passes quickly.

We can't imagine our lives without you Addi!  You are perfect just the way you are and I wouldn't change a thing.  God knew exactly what He was doing when He placed you in our little family.  We love you!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A few firsts....

First time Ty rode his bike ALL the way to the park!  He was so proud of himself! I thought I'd have to go slow for him but I was basically running to keep up. haha

Of course I had to get some shots of our first time at the park this Spring!

First time Addi took some steps behind her walker toy!  We've been working and working on this and she can finally take 5-10 steps while pushing it.  Ty was basically running by 10 1/2 months, so we've been waiting for Adds to get the hang of it!

This is not a "first" but had to include a photo of our trip to visit my grandma and grandpa today! 

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Florida Part III - Final Post :)

 I wanted to go to the beach while we were in Florida, but the pool was just so easy. With Addi and all the gear you need for a 3 year old and 11 month old we didn't think we'd end up going.  However, on Wednesday we decided we'd take just Ty to the beach.  Addi stayed at home with my Aunt and we were off to the beach. Ty was ecstatic!
checking out the water

playing in the sand


He loved playing right at the edge of the water and thought it was the best to run into the waves and back out!

He loved the time with just mommy and daddy!

He even found some little friends to play with
 He was exhausted by the time we left, and Nate and I both got it was a great day! :) It was such a different feeling not having Addi there. We definitely missed her, but it was great getting to give all our attention to Ty.  

The last photo of the Florida posts goes to Aunt Lisa and Uncle Terry.  Thanks for letting us take over your house! We loved our time with you!