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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Ty!

 Ty requested a "Thomas and Chuggington" party for his 3rd birthday, so that's what we did! We didn't have anything Chuggington so he got his first Chuggington trains which he was very excited about.  Kara and I spent about 5 hours working on his cake for his party and we were so thrilled with how it turned out! We had Ty's party a couple days before his actual real birthday and Ty was on cloud 9 ALL day waiting for his party. 

 On his real birthday we had a little party with just our little fam PLUS Colin who was here from Arizona! What a special treat!
My parents go Ty window markers.... geez thanks Grandma and Grandpa :)

Apparently now that Ty is 3 he can get his own cereal, this is what I found when I walked into the kitchen.

Uncle Colin with Ty and Addi

I can't believe Ty's 3rd birthday has come and gone so quickly! Where did the last three years go?   No longer a baby, and no longer a toddler.....bittersweet...

Ty, at 3, you.....
- Weigh 36lbs 6oz (91st%) and are 39inches tall (88th%). You continue to be our solid little man!

- You have quite the sense of humor, and love to "trick" us.  You call us funny names, hide from us,  and somehow have picked up giving come-backs and even have thrown out a "your momma" comeback. Not sure where you learned that from.

- You can say your ABC's, count to 27, know all your letters,  know about half your sounds,  know the basic colors, basic shapes, and you love to read.  We read about 20 minutes per night and then you will spend another 45 minutes reading to yourself before going to sleep! Somehow you always convince us to read a couple extra books before we have to leave. 

- You love the ipad, and can navigate it with your eyes closed.  You surprise us with your ability to play some of the apps, and you have actually learned quite a lot from some of the learning games!

- You only wear a diaper at night, and have an accident very rarely.

- You have a love hate relationship with your sister.  Most of the time you do a great job sharing your toys, and playing with Addi.  You definitely have your moments where you need to be reminded of how a big brother should act and what it means to be gentle. Speaking of your moments, I just had to rescue Addi from you pushing her across the floor.  Despite your bad moments, Addi ADORES you, and wants to be by you ALL the time.  You walk in the room and she begins to squeal because she is so excited to see you.  You get really mad at her because she prefers your trains, cars, and tracks over all of her toys, but for the most part you are learning to give her a train or two to play with. My favorite is when you guys "talk" in the car, and you get her to laugh her cute little laugh, and then it ends in one big laugh fest by both of you.

- You are independent and like to do things by yourself.  You often will say, "I do it!".   We try and give you as much independence as you can, and you are slowly learning where your boundaries are and how to handle your emotions.  I feel like we are slowly leaving the "terrible twos" (although terrible 2's started at 18months....).  I can't even remember the last time you threw a fit in public.....knock on wood!  

- You are the MASTER at asking, "why?".  It is such a cute little innocent and curious little voice that always pipes in after each time just about anything is said. My guess is I hear that little word about 30 times a day.

- You love being a helper (most of the time).  You love helping me with laundry, putting things away, getting things for mom, dad, or Addi, you always take care of your dishes when you are done eating (before we even have to ask), and for the most part you do things the first time that we ask you. 

- You have SO much energy.  I really wish you could give me some of your energy.  It is endless all day long.  You are always running, jumping off the couches, riding your bike downstairs, playing trains and making routes throughout the house, and you ask daily when summer will be here so we can go outside to play.

- You say the cutest things sometimes..... The other week we were in the car and you randomly said, "Guess what Mom....(what?).....I love you......(Thanks buddy, I love you too).......yeah, you're my best friend".  You often say lots of people are your best friend, but I am soaking up the moments that you want me as your best friend because I know that won't last forever.  

Plain and simple....we can't imagine our life without you Ty


  1. So cute! LOVE the cake, great job! Addi's pigtails are super cute too! Looks like Ty enjoyed every minute!

  2. Aren't you just the master of fondant! The cake looks great! I remember this age with my kids, very similar in ages to your two. It is a fun time, for sure, but very exhausting. You and Nate are great parents!