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Monday, January 28, 2013


Addi got the hang of peek-a-boo today :) She's lovin' it

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Days

 We had our first official snowday this week!  Well, Nate had one, but I was lucky enough to have TWO snowdays!  We had a lot of fun, had time to relax, and I got some things done around the house.  I think I could use a snowday every week :) Best 6am phone calls ever!
Ty discovered his love for shoveling.... I hope that continues for years to come! :)

Ty had lots of fun playing in the snow too! He wanted to make "Frosty" but it just wasn't the right snow.  He and Maggie had lots of fun chasing eachother though!

 Fun in the snow = an almost 3 hour nap

 I got to enjoy some extra snuggle time with Addi

 She tried to continue working on crawling....
 She just has to get up on those knees
Getting tired of trying...

 and she's done...

We are looking forward to our next "no-day" as Ty says!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Addilyn at 9 Months

In 3 short months, Addi will be ONE year old. AH! Where does time go? Addilyn was officially 9 months on Friday. Over the last month or two her little personality continues to really come out.  We are seeing quite the dramatic side to this little girl.  We don't remember Ty being this dramatic, so we are hoping that maybe it's a phase that we simply forgot about with Ty.

Addi at 9 months you....
* Sleep from about 7:15-6:30 without waking up - you also do an AWESOME job of putting yourself to sleep.  I could lay you down and put on your music box and you put yourself to sleep, without any tears, after about 10 minutes
*Take 2 naps: usually about 1 hour in the morning and about 2-3 hours in the afternoon
*Have CRAZY hair, and most days I don't know what to do with it, but we have gotten them into little pig tails. So cute!
*You seem to want to crawl, but haven't quite figured it out.  You are definitely strong enough to crawl as you can just about pull yourself up on the side of furniture, we are just waiting for you to take the plunge. 
*You take 4 6oz bottles a day and eat 3 "meals".  Recently you have decided you don't really like baby food, so you have been experimenting with whatever is on mommy and daddy's plate.  You only want to feed yourself.
*You LOVE watching Ty play.  You would also much rather play with Ty's toys than your own. This can create some drama between the two of you. 
* Not sure how much you weigh or your height, but we'll find out in 2 weeks at your 9 month check up :)
She is working on getting that last little foot into the correct place, but ends up face planting most times.... we'll get there!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas!

 This post may be a little late, but better late than never! We had such a nice and relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas!   Christmas Eve we spent time just the four of us, and then Christmas Day we spent the day relaxing at Nate's parents house.  Ty was so into Christmas this year.  He was all about the tree, the decorations, the lights, everything!  We told him that Christmas was the day Jesus was born, so we loved talking about how it was Jesus' birthday.  He was very excited to "help Jesus open his presents".  Oh, and he sang Happy Birthday to Jesus... too cute!
Jess surprised the kids with some early Christmas presents!

Christmas Eve we allowed Ty to open one of his presents early in the morning since we knew he'd want to play with it all day! He was so excited!

Opening presents from grandma and grandpa Murch.  They did one of those recording books for them!

Addi getting in on the action

Ty was very interested in playing with Addi's new toy.  Addi was not so thrilled to share...

This is what we knew Ty would be obsessed with... Tidmouth Shed... Ty was jumping up and down, singing the Thomas song, and was completely ecstatic about this one!

We weren't planning on leaving anything for Santa, but after watching a show before bed, Ty wanted to leave him something.... It just so happened that we had NO cookies in the house.... Ty settled for leaving a brownie and a smartie for Santa :)

Stocking Time!

Addi got her first "girly" toy! Her first doll.

Ty was excited to try out one of his gifts... bath paints!

Had to get a shot of this cute girl watching all the action of Ty painting in the tub :)