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Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkin Fun!

 What could be more fun than going to pick pumpkins!! Last year we took Ty to Post Family Farms and he had such a blast that we had to take him back this year.  He loved it, although every time I took the camera out, he did not want to smile and would put on his pout look. He spent LOTS of time trying to find the perfect pumpkin once we got to the pumpkin patch, he just had to find the "right" one.  

I couldn't believe he actually went on the horse!

Pumpkin Train ride! Ty chose the first car :)
He would NOT look at me. Little stinker!
Ducky Races!

Aunt Kara and Addi

Happy girl on the way home!


  1. They are both so cute! Love the pouty face. A preview to the teenage years?

  2. Ty looks so big riding the horse!! And I LOVE Addi's jeans!! :o)