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Monday, October 8, 2012

Fall Fun

Blue Star was having a family outing to Crane's Orchard, so Jill and I decided that we'd be "one person" volunteering as we'd be bringing along four kids as well.  Since it was a little bit of a hike we decided to take advantage of being neighbors and carpool together.  Ty just loves Trey and Rowan and couldn't wait to have some playtime with them! Unfortunately we didn't have the best weather, but the kids overall had quite a lot of fun!  Ty didn't have a nap that day so we did have a little bit of a meltdown (Yes, thank you Ty for flailing yourself on the grass in the rain because I wouldn't give you another doughnut...). 
Everyone in the car!

Yay for freshly made doughnuts!

Playing with Trey and Rowan

 Next up was the Firetruck Parade.  Ty was SO excited about this and he had been talking about it all week leading up to it.  Again, it wasn't the best weather, cold and a little drizzly, but we still bundled up and made it!  Ty had to wave to every firetruck, and would squeal with laughter when they'd throw candy to him.  I'm thinking this will become an annual tradition for our family!

Ty and Juan all bundled up

Ty loved waving!

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