Back Ground

Saturday, September 15, 2012


 Addi has been quite a trooper with her big brother.  Ty is a great big brother overall, but he definitely has his moments of being a little too rough.  I wanted to get a picture of them together this morning and Addi decided it was her turn to pick on Ty :)
Started off pretty good....then I wanted to get one of them a little bit closer to one another and this is what went down...
Come here Ty!

We aren't done!

And this was where Ty yelled, "Addi, let me go! STOP! Mommy, please!"

Working on our tummy time!

Ty has to have a blanket laid out for him as well :)

Love him :)

Ryley came over at night and Ty and her had an absolute blast! 


  1. Love this first few photos! Hee hee! Maggie in the background is funny too! :)

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    1. Well, hello. Random question, how did you find this blog?