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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy 5 Months

5 Months

 It seems like I was just posting about Addi turning 4 months! During the last month, Addi's personality has really blossomed and I can't wait to see her (and Ty of course) at the end of each work day!
Addi, at 5 months.....

* You love to laugh at your brother! I try and get you to giggle at me, but you just think your brother is the funniest little dude!  Your giggle melts my heart!
* You tried solid foods at 5 months 1 day (today)! You loved it! 
* You are still in 6 month clothing but I think I am going to bring out some 9 month clothes very shortly!
* Your mornings are your best times! You are such a talker in the mornings and usually chatter up a storm each morning in the backseat on the way to Toddlerville.
* You are a master pro at rolling from back to front!  You even wake yourself up multiple multiple times (yes the other night it was SIX times) because you roll over and you don't like being on your tummy. Not very fun for mommy and daddy!
* You love the jumperoo, and will jump for a good half hour if we let you
* You are about 16lbs
* You go through spurts of sleeping through the night, you'll sleep from about 7:30 - 5:30 for a week or so and then you'll go a week or two with waking up 1-2 times....

Ty helping feed Addi her first cereal

trying to get the hang of it

She loved it overall!  Go Addi!

I just had to add this too, because he melts my heart just as much!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


 Addi has been quite a trooper with her big brother.  Ty is a great big brother overall, but he definitely has his moments of being a little too rough.  I wanted to get a picture of them together this morning and Addi decided it was her turn to pick on Ty :)
Started off pretty good....then I wanted to get one of them a little bit closer to one another and this is what went down...
Come here Ty!

We aren't done!

And this was where Ty yelled, "Addi, let me go! STOP! Mommy, please!"

Working on our tummy time!

Ty has to have a blanket laid out for him as well :)

Love him :)

Ryley came over at night and Ty and her had an absolute blast! 

A Little Catch Up!

 With school underway, I feel like I've been barely keeping my head above water the last two weeks.  Getting back into the planning routine, working full time, having Nate coach, getting both kids out the door to daycare, and everything in between has left me exhausted by the end of each day!  I really do love being back at school, but I miss Ty and Addi an awful lot! It's been awhile, so we'll play a little blog catch up :)
Labor Day we went to the truck parade in downtown Zeeland.  Ty was SO excited and he loved seeing all the trucks and hearing the loud honking. Addi and I on the other hand weren't very fond of 20 minutes of nonstop honking... haha

 My parents were also able to come visit us! Addi and I had just seen them when we went to Arizona, but they hadn't seen Nate and Ty for a few months.  Ty was very excited to see them. It's fun to see how much more he interacts with them when they visit.

Addi LOVES her toes :) She is always always always playing with them.  This past week she has mastered the toes in her mouth, go Adds! Who would have thought playing with toes could look so cute!