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Friday, August 3, 2012

Shedd Aquarium

 Today we took a little trip to Chicago to visit Shedd Aquarium!  Nate's mom and two sisters also joined us for the adventure :) I was a little hesitant to go because we were just starting potty training with Ty, so I was armed with LOTS of extra changes of clothes but..... Ty did AWESOME! He didn't have one accident the whole time we were there (including the car rides both ways)! GO TY!! We were so proud of him.  I was so excited for this trip and wasn't sure who would have more fun, Ty or myself. haha. We spent about 4 hours at the aquarium and saw a little bit of everything. We had a blast and we were so happy we had the chance to take Ty, and Addi of course, to see everything!
Checking out the fish swimming on the ceiling
Ty had lot's of "whoa....." comments haha
After I took this, all I could think of is how many germs were on that turtle...
Having fun in the "play pools"

Waiting for the aquatic show to start - Addi slept in the ERGO for almost 3 hours

Nothing better than a dolphin show :) My favorite part of the day!

At the Polar Pay Zone - Ty loved the tunnel

....and what do you know, Ty is trying to crawl over someone... surprised? nope.

Aunt Kara and Ty making wishes while throwing in their pennies

Addi was all smiles on the way home (okay, part of the way)

Ty was cashed out from all the excitement


  1. Looks like a fun day! Just think about that turtle kiss-you are building a kid with a great immune system! lol

  2. What FUN! I'm trying to convince my mom to go with us if we can make it down there (another set of hands seems like a good thing!). :o)

  3. Ty is looking SO old! Cute pics!