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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Potty Training

 With Nate and I both being home, we decided to give potty training a go before going back to school. We thought, if he does it, great! If not, no biggie.  So after discussing different potty training methods, I decided that we'd try the "naked for a day" method. Ty, of course, loved being naked all day, and he did awesome! Every half hour or so we'd try and go, and if he went, he got to pick a prize out of the basket. I had gone to the dollar store and bought lots of "fun" stuff.  We only had one accident the entire day! Go Ty!  At the end of the day, we made a trip to Meijer, where he got to pick out his big boy underwear.  He picked Mickey, Elmo, and Thomas ones :) I do have to say he looks super cute in big boy undies! It's been a day and a half since "naked day" and we've been in our big boy underwear all day.  We've had a couple accidents, but today he actually told me had to go instead of me asking, so it's a start!  I hope he continues on this road and, fingers crossed, will be mostly potty trained by the time I go back to school!
Nate reading the potty book with Ty
Picking from the prize bucket, he loved this part haha

Enjoying one of his prizes, a sucker, on the couch

Our little man is growing up!

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  1. Look at that big kid in his little undies - love it! :o)