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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Boy Bike!

Ty had been getting into riding his little trike around and had seen some "big kid bikes" at the store that he kept talking about.  We decided to use this as a little motivation to get over our final hurdle of potty training.  We said that when he finally "mastered" potty training then we'd go pick out a big boy bike.  We looked online and we found a Mickey Mouse bike. He could NOT STOP TALKING about getting a Mickey bike!  Ty finally mastered that final hurdle, which I am sure you can guess what it was, and we told him it was time for his Mickey bike!  He was SO SO SO excited. 
He could not wait for Nate to get it out of the box!
Helping daddy put it together

Cool dude.... sportin' his sunglasses from his happy meal haha

pumping up the tires

Here we go!

Trying to get the hang of it.  Ty had a hard time figuring out he couldn't pedal backwards...

I. just. love. him.

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