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Friday, August 24, 2012

Beach Day!

 Jess and I decided to take advantage of our last week of summer and take the kiddos to the beach for the day!  Ty was VERY excited to go to the beach, he could barely contain himself.  I made the mistake of telling him the day prior that we were going to the beach, and the thought was very distracting for him. haha
I had to include this cute photo.  Ty and Addi watching some Mickey on the ipad in the morning while I got ready.
At the beach!  Playing with Ty in the water
You can't be at the beach without a Tonka dump truck!

Jess and Addi

This is what Ty did the majority of the time.  Jess and I took turns going back and forth with him in the water. He wanted to keep going deeper and deeper, he is a brave little dude!

Naptime at the beach!

Love these two!

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