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Sunday, August 26, 2012

God is on the Moon

This is just one of those conversations that had to be written down..... so cute! 

Before going to bed tonight, Ty pointed to the moon nightlight on his ceiling and said, "Look Daddy look. God is up there sittin' on the moon." Nate replied, "Really Ty? What is he doing on the moon?" Ty responded "Yeah Dad, get a ladder and go sit with him. Gotta watch people, and forgive 'em'........ Nah, me tired, get ladder after nap".  

Ty, you are growing up way to fast!

God is up on the moon :)

We love you buddy!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Beach Day!

 Jess and I decided to take advantage of our last week of summer and take the kiddos to the beach for the day!  Ty was VERY excited to go to the beach, he could barely contain himself.  I made the mistake of telling him the day prior that we were going to the beach, and the thought was very distracting for him. haha
I had to include this cute photo.  Ty and Addi watching some Mickey on the ipad in the morning while I got ready.
At the beach!  Playing with Ty in the water
You can't be at the beach without a Tonka dump truck!

Jess and Addi

This is what Ty did the majority of the time.  Jess and I took turns going back and forth with him in the water. He wanted to keep going deeper and deeper, he is a brave little dude!

Naptime at the beach!

Love these two!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy 4 Months Addi

Happy 4 Months Addilyn Grace!

I know I say this in so many posts, but where does time go!?  I can't believe she is really 4 months. 

At 4 months Addi you....

*weigh 15lbs 5oz (74%) and are 25" long (74%)
*wear size 2 diapers
*you have loved the jumper recently!  Anything that allows you to be looking around and not laying down you are all about!
*you laughed for the first time on your "4 month birthday".  SO CUTE! You get a kick out of Ty jumping on mommy and daddy's bed! :)
*You squeal and love to talk
*Yep, you still are a great spitter :)
*You are SO close to rolling, I think by the 5 month post you will accomplish this
*You are getting more and more interested in grabbing things and trying to figure them out
*You are sleeping from 9pm till about 5:30am

Addi, you have been such an added blessing to our lives over the last four months. We can't picture our family without you, and it's hard to remember what life was like with just one child. Yes, probably a little bit less chaotic, but we wouldn't change it for one second.  We love seeing you "interact" with us and talk.  When you smile, your big blue eyes completely light up and it melts our hearts. We love seeing you grow and change each and every day.  It seems like everyday we see something new you learn or notice a change, and we just don't want to forget any of it!  We are trying to soak it all in, even on the most chaotic of days, because we know someday we will be wishing for these days again.  We love you Addi!


Addi and I had the opportunity to spend an entire week out in Arizona visiting family.  This was Addi's first plane ride, so I was crossing my fingers that it would go well, especially since I was by myself.  She did great! We had no stops and it was about 3 hours, so it was perfect.  This is our 4th time traveling on an airplane since we have had kids.  I am always laughing in my head as I walk down the aisle to my seat because I know every person is praying in their head that I'm not sitting next to them. haha.

We had such a great time spending time with my family.  Best of all, I finally got to meet my niece, Lola, who was turning 1 already while I was there! We spent the week just relaxing, enjoying the sun, swimming, and doing whatever we want whenever we want!

Addi and Grandpa

Sara and I made Lola's birthday cakes.
Happy 1st Birthday Lola!

She loves to clap :)

Lola loved her present from her Aunts and Uncles

Addi in the pool with Grandma and Grandpa

3 hour time changes equals up at about 5am everyday.  Thankfully it's light out and we did small hikes and walks around the lake each morning!

Addi and Aunt Sara

Where Addi and I enjoyed breakfast each morning

More pool time :)

Addi discovered her love for the pool in AZ

We are hoping to ALL make it out to Arizona for Spring break this year!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Boy Bike!

Ty had been getting into riding his little trike around and had seen some "big kid bikes" at the store that he kept talking about.  We decided to use this as a little motivation to get over our final hurdle of potty training.  We said that when he finally "mastered" potty training then we'd go pick out a big boy bike.  We looked online and we found a Mickey Mouse bike. He could NOT STOP TALKING about getting a Mickey bike!  Ty finally mastered that final hurdle, which I am sure you can guess what it was, and we told him it was time for his Mickey bike!  He was SO SO SO excited. 
He could not wait for Nate to get it out of the box!
Helping daddy put it together

Cool dude.... sportin' his sunglasses from his happy meal haha

pumping up the tires

Here we go!

Trying to get the hang of it.  Ty had a hard time figuring out he couldn't pedal backwards...

I. just. love. him.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Shedd Aquarium

 Today we took a little trip to Chicago to visit Shedd Aquarium!  Nate's mom and two sisters also joined us for the adventure :) I was a little hesitant to go because we were just starting potty training with Ty, so I was armed with LOTS of extra changes of clothes but..... Ty did AWESOME! He didn't have one accident the whole time we were there (including the car rides both ways)! GO TY!! We were so proud of him.  I was so excited for this trip and wasn't sure who would have more fun, Ty or myself. haha. We spent about 4 hours at the aquarium and saw a little bit of everything. We had a blast and we were so happy we had the chance to take Ty, and Addi of course, to see everything!
Checking out the fish swimming on the ceiling
Ty had lot's of "whoa....." comments haha
After I took this, all I could think of is how many germs were on that turtle...
Having fun in the "play pools"

Waiting for the aquatic show to start - Addi slept in the ERGO for almost 3 hours

Nothing better than a dolphin show :) My favorite part of the day!

At the Polar Pay Zone - Ty loved the tunnel

....and what do you know, Ty is trying to crawl over someone... surprised? nope.

Aunt Kara and Ty making wishes while throwing in their pennies

Addi was all smiles on the way home (okay, part of the way)

Ty was cashed out from all the excitement